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    Picture of Budgie Moulting Cocktail

    Budgie Moulting Cocktail

    This balanced nibbler mix contains valuable nutrients that support the health of your budgerigars and boost the animals' immune system . In addition to important vitamins and minerals, birds also absorb methionine for a healthy, full plumage. Ideal for support during the moulting season!
    290 kr 261 kr
    Picture of Kracker Feather Care

    Kracker Feather Care

    The irresistible Kräcker® Feather Care not only tastes good, but also provides the animals with a valuable function . This variant contains vital vitamins, minerals and the essential amino acid methionine for optimal support of the moult . The delicious mixture of grains is baked in three layers on natural wood . This offers the birds an extra long nibble pleasure with appropriate employment, since the animals develop their food as in nature itself. At the same time, nibbling on the natural wood inside the mixture helps with beak care . For a vital bird life! This is our Vitakraft® quality promise for Kräcker®: The crispy knab bars are specially designed for budgerigars and convince with their high quality natural raw materials. Enriched with essential vitamins and manufactured according to a sugar-free recipe.
    396 kr 356 kr
    Picture of Minral stone for Parrots

    Minral stone for Parrots

    635 kr 571 kr
    Picture of Multi-Vitamin For All Birds

    Multi-Vitamin For All Birds

    895 kr 806 kr
    Picture of Vita Fit Vitamin For All Birds 500gr

    Vita Fit Vitamin For All Birds 500gr

    Drinking water filled with vitamins for all birds!
    694 kr 625 kr
    Picture of Kracker Feather Care For Parrots 2x

    Kracker Feather Care For Parrots 2x

    Vitakraft Kracker Sticks are enriched with a special formula that promotes feather condition, whilst keeping your birds beak trim. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, it is a great tasting and nutritious treats that birds love.
    640 kr 576 kr
    Picture of Kracker Multi vitamin f. Budgies 2x

    Kracker Multi vitamin f. Budgies 2x

    Candy stick for budgies with vitamins
    396 kr 356 kr
    Picture of CUTTLEBONE 12,5CM


    The sepia shell is a natural source of calcium, important for the bones and feathers. Provided with a handy clip for hanging.
    295 kr 266 kr