Valmynd Loka

    3cm x 246cm Bungee

    Framleiðandi: Super Bird Creations
    ca 13cm x 22cm x 22cm
    Vörunúmer: SBCSB326
    Staða: Uppselt
    11.415 kr
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    Rope bungees are a great perching alternative that promotes fun, balance and exercise. Every bird needs one.

    • Perfect size for Large Amazons, Cockatoos and Macaws
    • 100% cotton rope provides a soft footing
    • Bungees promote exercise and help to develop coordination and balance skills
    • Bendable internal wire allows you to reshape the length and diameter of the coils
    • Super Bird Creations toy designs use a diverse selection of stimulating bird-safe materials to ensure the mental and physical well being of pet birds