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    Artero Protein Leave-In Hárnæring 100ml

    Framleiðandi: Artero
    Létt og uppbyggjandi "Leave in" hárnæring, hægt er að nota á blautan og þurran feld, skilja eftir eða skola úr.
    Vörunúmer: ATH626
    Staða: Uppselt
    3.195 kr
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    • Protein Vital is a leave in conditioner that instantly restores the vibrancy of all coat types, without adding weight or changing texture.
    • Works to repair the coat with silk protein, it contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which contributes to the natural shine of a healthy coat & adds elasticity & flexibility while preventing breakage.
    • Can be applied to wet coat after shampoo bath and either be left in, rinsed through, or rinsed out depending on coats needs.
    • Makes a fabulous, lightweight, non greasy fluffing and/or brushing spray when 3-4 pumps are mixed with warm water in our Fine Misting