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    Picture of Artero Bye Bye 250ML

    Artero Bye Bye 250ML

    Repellent shampoo for dog parasites
    2,595 kr
    Picture of Artero Keratin Conditioner 650ml

    Artero Keratin Conditioner 650ml

    A conditioner that instantly restores the softness and shine of natural hair, achieving a silky, easy-to-brush look.
    11,995 kr
    Picture of Artero Trimming Powder 500g

    Artero Trimming Powder 500g

    alcium carbonate formula that helps provide a firm grip when working on a hand strip coat Its drying effect avoids the hair to slide in between fingers, while using stripping knives, stripping stone, stripping -sticks, and more Can also be used on extremely greasy dogs before the bath to absorb and remove oils from the coat
    2,795 kr
    Picture of Artero Protein Leave-In Conditioner 100ml

    Artero Protein Leave-In Conditioner 100ml

    Protein Vital is a leave in conditioner that instantly restores the vibrancy of all coat types,
    3,195 kr
    Picture of Artero Shampoo Blanc 5L

    Artero Shampoo Blanc 5L

    Shampoo for dogs of all breeds of white hair and / or black.
    16,235 kr
    Picture of Artero Vitalizante 5L

    Artero Vitalizante 5L

    Shampoo very soft and vitalizing vegetable-based surfactants that regenerate hair and improve resistance fortifying dogs.
    14,845 kr