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    Picture of Artero Aurigel Ear Cleaner

    Artero Aurigel Ear Cleaner

    Gel for cleaning ears
    1,975 kr
    Picture of Artero Ear Wipe Fingers

    Artero Ear Wipe Fingers

    thimbles cleaning ears for dogs.
    1,395 kr
    Picture of Artero Flash Shine/Conditioning 300ML

    Artero Flash Shine/Conditioning 300ML

    This spray gives extraordinary shine and silky results to all coats.
    2,881 kr
    Picture of Artero Matt-X Conditioner

    Artero Matt-X Conditioner

    Spray conditioner created to help remove mats and knots more quickly and gently.
    3,845 kr
    Picture of Classic Artero Perfume

    Classic Artero Perfume

    Soft and fresh perfume for dogs long lasting. Completely eliminates odors. Elegant presentation in aluminum container with spray. 90 ml.
    2,935 kr
    Picture of Artero Perfume Tierra 90ml

    Artero Perfume Tierra 90ml

    Soft fragrance of mixed wood essences and musk notes. Good for a finishing sprits male dogs.
    2,935 kr
    Picture of Artero Perfume Violet 90ml

    Artero Perfume Violet 90ml

    Fresh, soft, long-lasting perfume with bright and vibrant floral tones. Good for a finishing sprits female dogs.
    2,935 kr
    Picture of Artero Ear Powder 30g

    Artero Ear Powder 30g

    Specific antiseptic drying powders for hair removal and care of the auditory canal. It dries the hair and ear canal to be able to strip it and with its antiseptic action it ends or kills bacteria and yeasts, preventing future otitis.
    2,566 kr
    Picture of Artero Trimming Powder 500g

    Artero Trimming Powder 500g

    alcium carbonate formula that helps provide a firm grip when working on a hand strip coat Its drying effect avoids the hair to slide in between fingers, while using stripping knives, stripping stone, stripping -sticks, and more Can also be used on extremely greasy dogs before the bath to absorb and remove oils from the coat
    2,795 kr
    Picture of Artero Pretty Eyes

    Artero Pretty Eyes

    Cleaner for the eye area of ​​the dog and cat for complete care of the entire area around the eyes and mouth where the fur has darkened.
    2,965 kr
    Picture of Artero Podium 650 Hairspray-Dry

    Artero Podium 650 Hairspray-Dry

    A dry particle spray that can be used for setting a shape or texturizing any style.
    3,380 kr
    Picture of Artero Spray Balsam 250ml

    Artero Spray Balsam 250ml

    The soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effect produced by the Rose hip’s oil, oat’s extract, willow extract, chamomile, and Aloe Vera speeds the recovery of the dog’s skin affected by external agents.
    2,895 kr
    Picture of Artero Static Control 150ml

    Artero Static Control 150ml

    Spray for dogs and cats volumizing and antistatic.
    2,195 kr
    Picture of Artero Teeth Wipe Fingers

    Artero Teeth Wipe Fingers

    Thimbles cleaner dog and cat teeth.
    1,280 kr