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    Biokat's Vet Line Attracting & Calming

    Manufacturer: Gimborn
    The life shared by a cat and its human companion is for the most part harmonious; nevertheless, house cats can occasionally develop feelings of stress and anxiety. This can become problematic when a cat stops using its litter box and fouling repeatedly occurs. Cats react to very different situations with signs of stress. This happens, for example, after a move has taken place, changes are made to intimate surroundings due to new animals or objects, or a close partner – human or cat – passes away. Biokat’s Diamond Care Attracting & Calming contains a species-specific scent messenger substance that has an attracting and calming effect on cats. This species-specific scent messenger substance can help cats locate the litter box in spite of difficult or stressful situations.
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    It produces a secure and trusted feeling, where the cat feels well. This helps people to train their cat to learn the way to the litter box. Biokat’s Diamond Care Attracting & Calming is also well-suited to young cats who still need to learn to use the litter box. Activated carbon – highly effective odour binding and absorption Our natural, activated carbon is produced from coconut shells, a renewable natural raw material. Activated carbon is a highly porous carbon substance with an enormous surface area. If you were to unfold just 2 grams of activated carbon, it would result in the area of half a football field (2,000+ square metres)! Due to the unique physical chemistry of activated carbon, odour substances are strongly attracted to, and firmly bound to the carbon molecules. Activated carbon has been successfully used in households for a long time – for example; in extractor fans, odour filters in refrigerators, water filters and shoe insoles. Biokat’s Diamond Care Attracting & Calming is 99% dust-free. This makes the litter suitable for sensitive cats as well. That’s why Biokat’s Diamond Care Attracting & Calming is ideally suited to the needs of young, older, and stressed cats.

    • Hygiene
    • Made in Germany
    • Fine grain
    • Natural clay
    • clump litter
    • With activated carbon
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