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    Dolina Noteci Superfood - Veal 1kg

    Manufacturer: Dolina Noteci
    Karma Dolina Noteci SUPERFOOD veal dish is a complete, maintenance food for adult cats. This dish is extremely easy to digest thanks to the composition based on veal - it is a type of meat from which proteins and fats are digested exceptionally well. The richness of unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids in the food ensures long and healthy functioning of cats. Additives such as psyllium seeds, Mojave yucca, linseed, or raw materials that are a source of prebiotics: mannano-oligosaccharides, β-glucans and inulin guarantee the proper digestion process and stimulate the proper functioning of the cat's immune system. The sum of biologically active compounds protects the body against negative consequences, e.g. oxidative stress, that is, the state when the balance between the amount of harmful free radicals and antioxidants, whose task is to neutralize the former, is disturbed in the body. This condition can lead to many diseases and faster aging of the body.
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    The Superfood veal dish has the following advantages:

    • 36% meat, hearts, liver, veal stomachs,
    • 29% meat, hearts, liver, chicken stomachs,
    • 15% pork meat, lungs and kidneys,
    • salmon oil,
    • contains fresh vegetables and fruits (spinach, chokeberry),
    • richness of biologically active compounds (mannano-oligosaccharides, β-glucans, lecithin, chicory inulin, bird cherry, spirulina, New Zealand green lip mussels, hemp seeds, green tea, dried oregano),
    • does not contain animal meals, dyes or preservatives,
    • it is grain-free, gluten-free,
    • It is produced at a low drying temperature, which guarantees the maintenance of the high nutritional value of the raw materials while maintaining microbiological safety.