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    Catfish and loach food

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    Picture of sera Catfish Tabs XXL Nature 1000ML

    sera Catfish Tabs XXL Nature 1000ML

    Bottom or attaching tablets for bigger catfish sera Catfish Tabs XXL Nature is the staple food without dyes and preservatives for bigger catfish (e.g. Plecos) and other bottom fish. The big tabs can also be stuck to the aquarium glass. This kind of feeding provides fascinating opportunities to observe different ornamental fish species. The high amount of Spirulina (19%) with many mineral and vital substances supports digestion, color development and health. Since the tabs keep their shape for a long time they allow eating slowly without polluting the water.
    6,550 kr
    Picture of Sera FD Tubifex 100ml

    Sera FD Tubifex 100ml

    The delicacy rich in protein for strengthening
    825 kr
    Picture of Sera-O-Nip 24 tab

    Sera-O-Nip 24 tab

    sera O-Nip is the delicacy consisting of carefully manufactured tablets that can be attached to the aquarium glass by slight finger pressure. This allows for watching even shy fish excellently while they are eating.
    560 kr
    Picture of Tetra Wafermix 250ml

    Tetra Wafermix 250ml

    3,075 kr
    Picture of Vipachips 250 ml

    Vipachips 250 ml

    The staple food consisting of sinking chips for all bottom dwellers sera Vipachips is the staple food consisting of carefully manufactured chips for all fish eating at the bottom. The carefully selected ingredients with prebiotic effect enhance health and liveliness. The quickly sinking chips become smooth in water but keep their shape for a long time. Therefore they also allow for eating them slowly without polluting the water. This appeals to the natural feeding habits of the often shy and nocturnal bottom dwelling fish and thus supports their development and their vitality.
    1,929 kr