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    EHEIM waterrefill automatic refilling device

    Framleiðandi: EHEIM
    With the automatic refill EHEIM waterrefill you can keep your aquarium water always on a healthy level. For certain. Water is permanently evaporating in aquariums without cover. However a lack of water is life-threatening for the aquarium inhabitants. Because harmful substances (like nitrate among others) and metabolic products concentrate in the water. And furthermore in marine water tanks the salinity increases (densitiy). EHEIM waterrefill refills the evaporated water automatically. For this purpose a sensor is permanently measuring the water level. You simply place the EHEIM waterrefill outside on the glass pane of the aquarium – or in case of a marine water aquarium alternatively at the filter tank in the cabinet (sump). As soon as the water level sinks, the refill pump starts. Thereby an intelligent controller monitors the refilling process and adapts the quantity of water to the needs and registers changes. In case of significant changes the refilling process will be stopped and like that nothing can happen.
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