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    Picture of Menu Budgies 1kg

    Menu Budgies 1kg

    Complete feed for budgies and small parrots. Composed of selected mature seeds. It also contains important vitamins and minerals for parrot health and vitality.
    694 kr
    Picture of Life Gárafóður

    Life Gárafóður

    Life Power is a healthy diet for gourmets: the balanced blend of exquisite millet and aromatic fruits smells seductive right from the opening! Of course, the delicious pampering food provides your birds with all the important nutrients and nutrients , such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The optimal calcium / phosphorus ratio of the mixture also supports a healthy bone structure, beta-glucans also strengthen the defenses of your pets. For a completely happy parakeet life! Immune Active: Beta-glucans boost the defense of your budgies Iodine Vital Complex: With all important nutrients and builders such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements Pro Bones: Optimum calcium / phosphorus ratio supports healthy bone formation
    895 kr
    Picture of Pro Vita 800g Budgie

    Pro Vita 800g Budgie

    Pro Vita® is a balanced, veterinarily developed feed for budgerigars - with the plus for a healthy bird life! Because the functional blend contains many tasty ingredients and the unique VITA® FORMULA , a combination of high-quality omega-3 fatty acids specially developed by our bird experts and an optimal balance of essential amino acids . Pro Vita® guarantees perfect care for the animals - for a healthy heart, more activity and an improved well-being.
    1,395 kr
    Picture of Australian Budgies 800g

    Australian Budgies 800g

    Australian is a varied pampering with the best of Australia's nature, the original home of budgerigars. The species-appropriate mixture of natural, tasty ingredients such as eucalyptus, kiwi and hibiscus flowers was compiled with love and guarantees the optimal all-round supply of the birds.
    994 kr
    Picture of PUUR BUDGIE 750GR


    Food for budgies.
    895 kr
    Picture of Budgie Fruit Cocktail 200

    Budgie Fruit Cocktail 200

    Crunchy fun for pampering: with delicious fruits, Frutti Cocktail ensures variety on the menu of your budgies! The nibbler mix is ​​not only delicious, it also contains valuable vitamins - and sun-ripened seeds make the treat a healthy energy source. A mixture that has it all!
    495 kr
    Picture of Budgie Moulting Cocktail

    Budgie Moulting Cocktail

    This balanced nibbler mix contains valuable nutrients that support the health of your budgerigars and boost the animals' immune system . In addition to important vitamins and minerals, birds also absorb methionine for a healthy, full plumage. Ideal for support during the moulting season!
    495 kr
    Picture of PUUR BUDGIE 2KG


    linseed / apple / safflower seeds / millet spray / egg pure & varied gourmet seed mix // special ingredients tailored to your budgerigar / free from artificial fragrances, colourings and flavourings / all nutrients for a healthy & happy life // the pure pleasure of nature's flavours
    2,495 kr