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    Picture of Activity dew bone

    Activity dew bone

    Great for active dogs: This Activity Tau made of sturdy, gum-friendly Jersey is combined with an exciting bite toy made of TPR. The durable, yet elastic rubber bone fascinates with pimples and grooves, the dew stimulates by knots and fringes in addition to playing. Ideal for dragging and pulling games!
    1,171 kr
    Picture of Agila Fluo 1 Harness Yellow

    Agila Fluo 1 Harness Yellow

    Ergonomic chest harness for dogs with soft padding and elastic cord closure. Size: A=B 26-38 cm 15mm
    2,995 kr
    Picture of Artero Baby Shampoo For Puppies 250ML

    Artero Baby Shampoo For Puppies 250ML

    Mild shampoo for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin.
    2,195 kr
    Picture of Artero Bambina hair Trimmer

    Artero Bambina hair Trimmer

    Small machine very manageable for difficult and very precise technical areas hairdresser. Cordless operation.
    21,995 kr
    Picture of Artero Black Metal Cage - 63*6

    Artero Black Metal Cage - 63*6

    Cage with 8 panels
    11,995 kr
    Picture of Artero Brush Paddle

    Artero Brush Paddle

    Brush facilitates quick detangling wet hair.
    2,965 kr
    Picture of Artero Toothbrush 2 Pieces

    Artero Toothbrush 2 Pieces

    It comes in 2 pieces of different hardness.
    994 kr
    Picture of Artero Portable Dryer Bolt

    Artero Portable Dryer Bolt

    Portable dryer for dogs
    39,995 kr
    Picture of Artero Spray Balsam 250ml

    Artero Spray Balsam 250ml

    The soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effect produced by the Rose hip’s oil, oat’s extract, willow extract, chamomile, and Aloe Vera speeds the recovery of the dog’s skin affected by external agents.
    2,795 kr
    Picture of Artero Fenix Stool Black

    Artero Fenix Stool Black

    Barber stool.
    29,996 kr
    Picture of Atlas 10 Transport

    Atlas 10 Transport

    Transporting cage for small dogs and cats. Size: 32,5 x 45 x h 29cm
    3,995 kr
    Picture of Bliss Multi Leash Black S

    Bliss Multi Leash Black S

    A robust multipurpose leash for everyday use. The leash, which is made of durable nylon, is adjustable in length with the help of two hooks and safety rings. Thanks to the adjustability and the snap hooks on both ends, the leash is suitable for several purposes: training, walking two dogs at once or keeping the dog close in a crowd. When walking in nature, the leash is easy to attach to the waist enabling hands-free walking. A stylish gunmetal finish on all metal parts, including the durable rotating snap hooks. The leash has reflective stitching and logo. The machine-washable leash dries fast and is easy to keep clean. Available in several delicious colours.
    4,995 kr
    Picture of Car Seat Cover

    Car Seat Cover

    Size : 140 x 60 x h 50 cm
    8,495 kr
    Picture of Chewbone, filled

    Chewbone, filled

    These pressed chewing bones are made of 100% dried rawhide and rumen and taste deliciously savory of meat. An excellent supplement to the daily food, because the healthy chew snack strengthens the chewing muscles of your dog while eating. Healthy dental care that's fun! 2 pieces à 11 cm Made of 100% cowhide and rumen For all dogs
    1,295 kr
    Picture of Chicken dumbell 80g

    Chicken dumbell 80g

    Tasty meaty 'training' for in between: These high-quality, protein-rich chicken dumbbells will love your dog! The tasty snacks are freshly prepared with pure meat - without added sugar, soy, wheat, egg, dairy products and meat flours. For your dog means the hearty in the best quality! Ideal as a species-appropriate reward.
    895 kr
    Picture of Clip 6902 Food/Drinking bowl for Atlas cages

    Clip 6902 Food/Drinking bowl for Atlas cages

    Size 10 x 11 x h 5,8 cm (0,555L)
    994 kr
    Picture of Club C10/32 Collar Black

    Club C10/32 Collar Black

    Nylon dog collar. Size: A: 23-32 cm - B: 10 mm
    595 kr
    Picture of Club G10/120 Lead Pink

    Club G10/120 Lead Pink

    Nylon lead. Size: 10mm x L 120 cm
    895 kr
    Picture of Club Reflex 15/120 Leash Blue

    Club Reflex 15/120 Leash Blue

    Reflective dog leash: Size: 15mm x L 120cm
    1,495 kr
    Picture of Club Reflex C15/44 Collar Red

    Club Reflex C15/44 Collar Red

    Strong nylon collar with magnetic mechanism for quick connection. Reflective. Size : A: 30-44cm / B:15mm
    2,195 kr
    Picture of Cricket C15/40 Collar Blue

    Cricket C15/40 Collar Blue

    Cricket dog collars, made of strong nylon, feature an original design and have soft padding to ensure your four-legged friend the utmost comfort. Size: A: 27-40 cm - B: 15 mm
    1,695 kr
    Picture of Dandy 95

    Dandy 95

    Size : 95 x 60 x h 23 cm
    15,995 kr
    Picture of Daytona C15/35 Collar Black

    Daytona C15/35 Collar Black

    Padded dog collar, nylon material Size : A: 27-35 cm - B: 15mm
    1,195 kr
    Picture of Daytona Comfort CF40/45 Collar Purple

    Daytona Comfort CF40/45 Collar Purple

    Ergonomic nylon collar with soft padding - Size: A: 37-45 cm - B: 40 mm
    3,895 kr
    Picture of Daytona G15/120 Lead Red

    Daytona G15/120 Lead Red

    Nylon dog lead. Size: 15 mm x L 120 cm
    1,495 kr
    Picture of Dog Scout Backpack

    Dog Scout Backpack

    A: 44÷85 cm - B: 65÷108 cm - C: 65÷108 cm - L 30 cm
    6,995 kr
    Picture of Dual Pyramids CF20/43 Collar - Black

    Dual Pyramids CF20/43 Collar - Black

    A: 35 - 43 cm - B: 20mm
    2,995 kr
    Picture of Dual Pyramids G20/120 Lead Black

    Dual Pyramids G20/120 Lead Black

    Nylon lead. Size: 20 mm - 120 cm
    2,995 kr
    Picture of Easy P Harness XXS Black

    Easy P Harness XXS Black

    Nylon Harness Size: A=B 28-38 cm - 10mm
    994 kr
    Picture of Ergocomfort Free Time

    Ergocomfort Free Time

    Size :75-125 cm B : 25 mm x L 80-120 cm
    9,994 kr
    Picture of Ergofluo C15/33 Collar Orange

    Ergofluo C15/33 Collar Orange

    Dog collar with soft padding and closure with micro regulation Size: A: 25-33 cm - B: 15 mm
    3,045 kr
    Picture of Ergofluo Matic G20/120 Leash Blue

    Ergofluo Matic G20/120 Leash Blue

    Dog leash complete with automatic hook Size: 20mm x L 120 cm
    3,510 kr
    Picture of Farmz Beef Pizzle 75-80cm

    Farmz Beef Pizzle 75-80cm

    100% natural candy for dogs
    1,995 kr
    Picture of FLASHLIGHT OCTA USB 4x2,8x1,6cm blue/orange

    FLASHLIGHT OCTA USB 4x2,8x1,6cm blue/orange

    LED light. 3 different stands: 2x flashing light and 1x constant light. USB chargeable. Water resistant and easy to attach. Safe, as well for the dog as the owner.
    1,995 kr
    Picture of Fountain Vega Fountain

    Fountain Vega Fountain

    Cat and small dog fountain Dimension: 23,1 x 29,7 x h 16,2 cm - 2 L
    9,994 kr
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