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    Electric Razors

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    Picture of Artero Bambina hair Trimmer

    Artero Bambina hair Trimmer

    Small machine very manageable for difficult and very precise technical areas hairdresser. Cordless operation.
    21,995 kr 19,796 kr
    Picture of Artero Hair Clipper Energy

    Artero Hair Clipper Energy

    Professional hairdressing machine cutting 5 - speed operation with or without cable. Faster with more autonomy and more comfortable
    29,996 kr 26,996 kr
    Picture of Artero Sprinter Trimmer

    Artero Sprinter Trimmer

    Ideal for delicate and difficult areas (face, ears, legs, etc.).
    3,060 kr 2,754 kr
    Picture of Artero Oil-Fresh Coolant Spray 300ml

    Artero Oil-Fresh Coolant Spray 300ml

    Coolant, disinfectant and lubricant spray for professional use. Designed to instantly cool hairdresser's blades and scissors. NOT FOR DIRECT USE ON ANIMALS
    2,795 kr 2,515 kr
    Picture of Artero Oil Blade Care 500ml

    Artero Oil Blade Care 500ml

    Blade wash especially developed to lubricate and avoid rusting on clipper blades.
    2,695 kr 2,425 kr