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    Hamster and Mice Cage

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    Picture of Bristol Hamster Cage 59x38x37cm

    Bristol Hamster Cage 59x38x37cm

    16,995 kr
    Picture of Hamster Heaven Metro 80x50x50cm

    Hamster Heaven Metro 80x50x50cm

    The Hamster Heaven Metro cage sees you have build a heavenly home for your hamster. This cage has everything a hamster could wish for. The large base surface ensures lots of frolicking and tunnelling fun. The cage comes with two raised platforms, two houses, two feeding bowls, a drinking bottle, a running wheel, an exterior tunnel with ventilation holes and a hamster toilet. On top of the cage there is what you might call a penthouse that offers your hamster a wonderful vantage point. The handles on either side make moving the cage an easy task. To feed or pet your hamster, the large door gives you easy access to your hamster.
    29,790 kr
    Picture of Coney Island Hamster Cage

    Coney Island Hamster Cage

    Hamster cage with large wheel and play area Dimension: 50 x 35 x h 25 cm
    16,995 kr
    Picture of Cage Criceti 100 Hamster Cage

    Cage Criceti 100 Hamster Cage

    Large cage for hamsters 95 x 57 x h 50 cm
    28,995 kr
    Picture of Cage Criceti 15 Hamster Cage

    Cage Criceti 15 Hamster Cage

    Hamster cage with opening roof Dimension: 78 x 48 x h 39 cm
    23,995 kr
    Picture of Cage Kios Mice Cage

    Cage Kios Mice Cage

    Mice cage with high bottom. Dimension: 70 x 47 x h 28 cm
    16,995 kr