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    Salt Water Aquariums

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    Picture of Sera breeding container

    Sera breeding container

    Rearing container for fish. The sera breeding container is 2.5 liters (0.6 gal.) large and thus provides a large swimming space for the fry, which is essential for rapid and healthy growth. With a small quantity of sera biofibres it is also very suitable as a spawning container.
    1,395 kr
    Picture of Marin reef salt 20 kg

    Marin reef salt 20 kg

    Highest quality premium marine salt similar to nature
    13,995 kr
    Picture of Sera marin salt 1300g

    Sera marin salt 1300g

    Marine salt for R/O and tap water. Due to the excellent homogeneity and even grain size, sera marin salt quickly and without any residues dissolves into crystal clear marine water.
    1,990 kr