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    Picture of GimCat Cat-Milk 200 g

    GimCat Cat-Milk 200 g

    GimCat Cat-Milk has been produced according to the natural breast milk role model. GimCat Cat-Milk contains taurine, which is essential for eyesight and a healthy heart. The animal-origin protein and fat ingredients that are contained are matched to the special needs of the kitten’s stomach. In addition, GimCat Cat-Milk contains natural arachidonic acid that is indispensable for a sound skin and coat and boosts the shine of the coat
    2,295 kr
    Picture of GimCat Goat's Milk Powder for Kittens 200g

    GimCat Goat's Milk Powder for Kittens 200g

    In their first weeks of life proper nutrition is very important for growing kittens. GimCat Goat's Milk Powder for Kittens has been developed to provide kittens with all the important nutrients they would also get from their mother's natural milk. GimCat Goat's Milk Powder is best suited to meet the high energy needs of small kittens and can help them grow big and strong due to the high levels of calcium and phosphorus. In addition, the prebiotics, vitamins, trace elements and minerals can contribute to the normal development of the intestinal flora and immune system. This ensures that nothing stands in the way of an optimal start to all nine of your cat's lives.
    3,830 kr
    Picture of Kitten Paste 50g

    Kitten Paste 50g

    GimCat Kitten Paste was created especially for the needs of younger cats (aged over 6 weeks). The unique healthy growth formula contains: • Optimum calcium/phosphor ratio to encourage growth and strong bones • 12 vitamins, trace elements and minerals for a strong immune system • Linseed oil and fish oil for healthy cell protection • Taurine for strengthening the eyesight and heart function • Egg yolk to cover the essential arachidonic acid requirement Feeding instructions As of the sixth week, as soon as solid food is being given, 6 cm (1 cm line of paste = approx. 0.5 g) every day straight from the tube or mixed in with feed. Feed at room temperature.
    1,995 kr
    Picture of GimCat Milk Lactose-Free 200 ml

    GimCat Milk Lactose-Free 200 ml

    Cats love milk. The lactose (milk sugar) contained in cow's milk often causes diarrhea, especially in adult cats. GimCat milk for cats is therefore lactose-reduced. It is particularly digestible, healthy and delicious. GimCat milk for cats - a healthy and calcium-rich natural product.
    595 kr