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    Gum Hygiene

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    Picture of Artero Teeth Wipe Fingers

    Artero Teeth Wipe Fingers

    Thimbles cleaner dog and cat teeth.
    1,280 kr
    Picture of Toothbrush set 6 cm

    Toothbrush set 6 cm

    Tooth brush and massage brush for placing on your finger for both dogs ad cats. 2 pieces.
    485 kr
    Picture of Dental hygiene set dog

    Dental hygiene set dog

    Contains: toothpaste with mint (100 g), finger toothbrush, finger massage brush as well as two-sided toothbrush with two different brush heads.
    1,270 kr
    Picture of Toothpaste for dogs, Mint
    Picture of Artero Silicone Teet Brush M-L

    Artero Silicone Teet Brush M-L

    Silicone dental thimbles for dogs and cats. Easy use and without discomfort for the pet. Special double-sided brush: Silicone bristles for brushing your teeth. Rough back of the spikes for the tongue area and the rest of the mouth. It comes in blister with two thimbles, one of each size M and L. No risk of damaging the gums.
    994 kr
    Picture of Artero Dentix Tooth Paste

    Artero Dentix Tooth Paste

    Toothpaste gel for dogs to remove plaque and keep bad breath at bay. With tea tree oil to help control of bacteria in the mouth. Apply 1-3 doses in a dental thimble. Rub onto teeth and gums. Recommended to use once a day.
    1,295 kr