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    Picture of EHEIM Skim marine 100

    EHEIM Skim marine 100

    The EHEIM skimmarine 100 offers some outstanding features The EHEIM skimmarine 100 has a new 2 chamber system. The dirty water is directed into one chamber and the clean water flows through the other chamber and back into the aquarium. The flow direction is clearly defined and this increases the efficiency. Another feature is the high quality lime wood diffuser which makes the Nano very quiet. The Nano does not have its own motor therefore the EHEIM air100 is required for operation.
    8,660 kr
    Picture of EHEIM skim350 micro surface skimmer

    EHEIM skim350 micro surface skimmer

    EHEIM skim350 – the micro- surface skimmer for smaller aquariums up to 350 l. Simple, quick and flexible to use. Ready to use immediately. In almost any aquarium a film of including microorganisms, dust, oils and food fats forms over time – the mould film. With the EHEIM skim350 surface skimmer, you can efficiently eliminate this mould film and have a glass clear water surface and high oxygenation. The EHEIM skim350, although designed for constant use is also suitable for short term use. If using alternately in several aquariums, please make sure that algae spores or diseases are not transmitted from one to the other. The bacteria and dirt particles which are sucked in are collected in the filter sponge. This should be simply taken out and thoroughly cleaned after each use.
    7,996 kr
    Picture of Sera Gravel Washer

    Sera Gravel Washer

    sera gravel washers With the sera gravel washer you can easily and thoroughly remove waste from the aquarium gravel
    1,895 kr
    Picture of Filter media bag 2

    Filter media bag 2

    For quick and easy filter media changes. Adding and removing filter media is considerably accelerated by the sera filter media bags. The filter media remain in place within the filter, and cleaning becomes easier. sera filter media bags are available in 2 sizes, and are optimally suited for all sera filter media.
    994 kr
    Picture of Sera Glass Clear Medium

    Sera Glass Clear Medium

    These magnets make cleaning the aquarium glass easy.
    2,695 kr
    Picture of Sera Glass Clear Large

    Sera Glass Clear Large

    These magnets make cleaning the aquarium glass easy.
    3,496 kr
    Picture of Magnetic screen cleaner 10 x 2,5 x 4cm
    Picture of EHEIM Quick Vacpro

    EHEIM Quick Vacpro

    EHEIM Quick Vacpro - automatic gravel cleaner The battery powered gravel cleaner enables you to clean the gravel substrate in your aquarium with ease, independently of your regular of water changes. The suction power of the cleaner is designed to remove dirt particles without too much disturbance to the gravel. A mesh filter compartment collects the dirt whilst letting the water flow back into the aquarium. The filter compartment is simple to remove.
    9,994 kr
    Picture of AlgExit 250ml

    AlgExit 250ml

    2,165 kr