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    Picture of Sera siporax algovec Professional

    Sera siporax algovec Professional

    Unique algae control by bacteria. Nutrient utilizing bacteria in a stable permanent form begin to work and multiply within shortest time upon contact with water. They remove algae nutrients - in particular phosphate - from the water and are therefore effective against undesired algae in the aquarium by using the nutrient competition principle. Algae growth is inhibited and the algae population is lastingly reduced. Algae blooms are prevented in case of prophylactic use.
    2,695 kr
    Picture of Sera Gravel Washer

    Sera Gravel Washer

    sera gravel washers With the sera gravel washer you can easily and thoroughly remove waste from the aquarium gravel
    1,895 kr
    Picture of Filter media bag 2

    Filter media bag 2

    For quick and easy filter media changes. Adding and removing filter media is considerably accelerated by the sera filter media bags. The filter media remain in place within the filter, and cleaning becomes easier. sera filter media bags are available in 2 sizes, and are optimally suited for all sera filter media.
    994 kr
    Picture of Sera Glass Clear Medium

    Sera Glass Clear Medium

    These magnets make cleaning the aquarium glass easy.
    2,695 kr
    Picture of Sera Glass Clear Large

    Sera Glass Clear Large

    These magnets make cleaning the aquarium glass easy.
    3,496 kr
    Picture of Magnetic screen cleaner 10 x 2,5 x 4cm