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    Picture of sera Goldy Color Spirulina Nature 100ML

    sera Goldy Color Spirulina Nature 100ML

    Color food for goldfish with 10% spirulina sera Goldy Color Spirulina Nature is the color food consisting of gently manufactured granules without dyes and preservatives for bigger goldfish, fastidious fancy variants and other finicky coldwater fish. The balanced and easily digestible composition with valuable ingredients such as spirulina (10%) supports the natural color formation of the splendid animals in a directed way. The colors become more intense and pure, and are clearly separated against each other. Healthy development and disease resistance of the fish are being supported. The floating granules keep their shape and do not pollute the water.
    595 kr 536 kr
    Picture of Sera Goldy Gran 100ml

    Sera Goldy Gran 100ml

    Næringa- og próteinríkur gullfiskamatur fyrir stærri gullfiska.
    595 kr 536 kr
    Picture of Sera Goldy Nature 1.000ml

    Sera Goldy Nature 1.000ml

    Næringaríkt gullfiskafóður. sera Goldy Nature is the staple food for smaller goldfish and their fancy variants such as shubunkin, veiltail or sarasa, as well as other coldwater fish, that does not require dyes and preservatives. It contains insect meal as a high quality protein source which is also resource saving. The balanced ratio of herbal and animal ingredients ensures an easily digestible food supporting health and splendid colors. The flakes keep their shape, are suitable for coldwater fish eating at the surface and do not cloud the water.
    2.885 kr 2.597 kr
    Picture of Sera Goldy Nature 250ml.

    Sera Goldy Nature 250ml.

    Gullfiskaflögur án allra rotvarnaefna og litarefna. Halda vel lögun og menga ekki vatnið.
    994 kr 895 kr