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    Picture of Little One Berjablanda 200g

    Little One Berjablanda 200g

    Assorted berries are the richest source of nutrients. Briar and dried rowan contain large amounts of vitamin C. Juniper has been known as a healing plant for many, many years. Its berries produce beneficial effects on the digestive system, as well as skin and fur of animals. Hawthorn berries, in addition to complex biologically active substances, also contain pectin which is an excellent detox tool.
    994 kr
    Picture of Little One Nammi Þurrkaður Carob Ávöxtur 200g

    Little One Nammi Þurrkaður Carob Ávöxtur 200g

    Carob or locust tree beans are unique beans that grow in the Mediterranean region only. This unique fruit was even mentioned in the Bible because of their extraordinary nutritious properties. Carob is rich in B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium and other minerals. Because of their sweet taste locust beans seem to be the favorite of all pets.
    595 kr
    Picture of Little One Fíflarót 35g

    Little One Fíflarót 35g

    Dandelion root is not only the best-loved treat for all home pets but also a useful addition to the diet. While grinding down its teeth, your darling will get calcium and other minerals contained in the roots. What’s more, dandelion roots accumulate inulin — liver protecting element. This treat is produced by means of high-tech drying which allows to preserve all useful ingredients. Dandelions are gathered in the ecologically safe area.
    694 kr
    Picture of Little One Þurrkuð Gulrót 200g

    Little One Þurrkuð Gulrót 200g

    Before we use dried carrots in our pet food, it is processed be means of high-tech drying, thus preserving carrots taste and nutrients intact. Some carrots on the everyday diet will make the pet active, strengthen its immune system and stimulate regeneration processes in the body.
    795 kr
    Picture of Little One Ávaxtablanda 200g

    Little One Ávaxtablanda 200g

    Dried fruits, it’s much more than a simple gourmet dish for home pets. Bananas are a highly nutritious product rich in potassium. Pineapples contain large amounts of carotene, vitamins A and C, different B vitamins, magnesium, chlorine, and iodine. Raisin is rich in mineral salts, organic acids and vitamins
    795 kr
    Picture of Little One Stökkir Jurta Koddar 100g

    Little One Stökkir Jurta Koddar 100g

    Your pets will appreciate the crisp herbal crunchies made of selected grains and dried herbs. These herbal crunchies are not only a great source of fibre which stimulates digestion but also a means for grinding down those little teeth.
    775 kr