Valmynd Loka

    Holiday Park Fyrir Hvolpa Og Smáhunda.

    Framleiðandi: Ferplast
    Hægt að brjóta saman, taska fylgir með sem auðveltar flutning. Stærð: 118 x 61 cm
    Vörunúmer: FP73301099
    Staða: Uppselt
    13.995 kr
    i h

    Holiday Park is a box for puppies and small dogs completely foldable, made of super resistant and waterproof nylon. Extremely practical, it has a particular octagonal shape, with four sides that can be opened by zippers and four with useful accessory-holder pockets, such as, for example, snacks and objects to take care of your little friend. Furthermore, it is equipped with network parts to ensure absolute visibility of the animal inside. 
    Perfect to carry with you especially on the road, it is completely foldable and, therefore, of minimum bulk. Being sold with a transport bag, it is very convenient to carry with you. In this way, your four-legged friend will always have a comfortable accommodation and a quiet space in which to rest. 
    The Holiday Park box is offered in a single format.

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