Valmynd Loka

    Cat-Grass 150g

    Framleiðandi: Gimborn
    Kattagras sem aðstoðar meltingu og gefur góð vítamín og hjálpar þeim að losa hárbolta.
    Vörunúmer: GB407005
    Staða: Uppselt
    895 kr
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    With fresh meadow fragrance Cat grass is from controlled field nurseries. Instructions for use: 1. Pour half a litre of lukewarm water over the contents of the grass bowl. Remove excess water after about one hour by pouring it away. 2. Place the bowl in a light and warm spot, avoiding direct sunlight and direct contact with any radiators. 3. Water daily to ensure that the mixture remains continuously moist. 4. As soon as the grass has grown to a height of four to five centimetres (after approximately five to eight days), you can give the treat to your cat. Tips and advice: Cats require fresh greenery as a nutritional supplement. They often try to obtain this from houseplants. However, ethereal oils or pesticides used on plants can be highly toxic for your cat. Avoid this by treating your cat with GimCat Cat Grass. GimCat Cat Grass contains the grass that your cat needs to regurgitate swallowed hair. During cold times of the year, please note that it is important to use a newspaper underlay or something similar, as windowsills can get very cold. Metal windows also radiate cold, which does not support the growth of the grass. The duration of growth strongly depends on the light and temperature conditions, and the duration of cultivation may thus differ (approximately five to eight days). If you provide your cat with fresh grass, it will thank you with its health and well-being.

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