Vörunúmer: ATH633

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Artero Dry Shampoo 300 Ml.

2.995 kr.

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About the Product:

This special shampoo is recommended for use between baths or when the animal is unable to come into contact with water.

The components of this formula absorbs excess oil and eliminates dirt and bad odours, it soft, clean, and smelling fresh instantly. Just simply spray into the coat, then brush all of the dirt and grease right out!

This product is great for the Grooming Salon or shows as it gives incredible volume makingit the perfect scissoring spray; especially useful on poorly coated Poodles, Bichons, or on Westie heads and drop coated breed getting pet trims. Will save time and frustration when trying to get the perfect finish!

Faeasy to use.

Ummál 4,90 × 4,90 × 25,00 cm
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