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SKU GB406282 Flokkar , , Vörumerki:

Cat-Milk Kettlingamjólk

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GimCat Cat-Milk has been produced according to the natural breast milk role model. GimCat Cat-Milk contains taurine, which is essential for eyesight and a healthy heart.

Due to its typical composition GimCat Cat-Milk is

s suitable:

important! For each feeding fresh cook. One measuring spoon corresponds to 5 grams of Cat- Milk powder.

  • for bringing up motherless kittens
                                - as an additional feed for kittens

                                - as a supplementary feed for pregnant and nursing cats as well as for old and 


                                - for maintenance of the immune system

                                - for bringing up kittens (particularly during the transition phase to solid food)
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