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Water Clear S Blue

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Ciano Water Clear Cartridge SM X2 – small sized filtration cartridges. Lasts for 30 days and contain phosphate and nitrate removers as well as activated carbon to remove colours from water as well as odour.

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Ciano Water Clear Cartridge Small X2
Ciano Water Clear Cartridges are the perfect solution for cleaning coloured and odorous water. The two small sized cartridges which each last for 30 days have been contain nitrate and

removers embedded inside them to provide quick and easily noticeable results within a short space of time.
As a great addition to any filtration setup, water will not only look clearer but those nutrients needed by unwan

algae in order to grow are also removed from the aquarium water.
The CF40 cartridges contain activated carbon which is commonly used to remove discoloration that builds up over time inside aquariums. Activated carbon als

successfully strips medications out of the water once these chemicals have been used and are no longer required. 
The Ciano Water Clear Cartridges effectively remove both colour and odour from aquarium water leaving it c

clear for the best results in fish and coral growth and development. 
At a Glance:
2 x Water Clear Cartridges
Size: small
Cleans coloured aquarium water
Removes odour from the water
Each cartridge last for 30 days

and effective results
Contains activated carbon
Takes away nutrients needed for algae to grow
Contains nitrate and phosphate removers
Strips unwanted medication from the water once fish no longer need it

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