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Bird Grit Wm 4Kg

1.250 kr.

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General Information

  • Helps with the digestion of seeds and grainsNatural source of calciumIdeal activity for birdsImportant supplement for daily food
  • fats, egg and egg products (0.2%)AnalysisCrude protein 11,6
    %Crude fat 6,9 %Crude fibre 8,5 %Crude ash 3,7 %Calcium ,54 g/kgPhosphorus ,28 g/kgSodium ,01 g/kgAdditivesVitamin A
    800 IUVitamin D3 90 IUVitamin E 5 mgVitaminC 2 mgE1 Iron 1,5 mgE4 Copper ,3 mgE5 Manganese ,6 mgE6 Zinc 1,5 mgE8
    Selenium ,01 mgAntioxidants


    Bird grit contains a mixture of different elements including oyster shells, redstone, stomach gravel, limestone and charcoal. It is an important supplement for the daily diet of birds and pigeons. Witte Molen PLUS grit is

    full of calcium, which supports the structure of the skeleton. Bird grit contains phosphorus, a mineral which promotes strong bones. It is also important for healthy digestion, as it helps to break down grains and seeds,

    it absolutely ideal for your pet!



    Directions For Use

    Ad libitum

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