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Dolina Noteci Dog Superfood – Beef & Goose Hearts 300G

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complete food for adult dogs of all breeds 300 g

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Wet dog food owes its particularly high content of nutrients and dietoprophylactic properties to its unique recipe, developed by experts in the field of veterinary dietetics. 80% of its composition is meat and animal products (beef 40%, goose 40%, including goose hearts 26%). In addition, there are also fresh fruits and additives naturally rich in substances that positively affect the health and condition of the dog, such as New Zealand mussel or seaweed. Grain-free feed has been processed to a minimum extent, thanks to which it retains the maximum amount of biologically active substances. The product is based on special types of meat such as: Beef – red meat with low fat content, half of which is healthy unsaturated fats.

Beef is a meat species particularly well suited to the needs of active dogs. It contains creatine that increases exercise capacity and accelerates metabolism and regeneration after exercise, L-carnitine, as well as linoleic acid (CLA), which helps burn fat and has a good effect on muscle condition. Beef provides alanine – an amino acid that protects muscles from damage in the event of insufficient carbohydrate supply, thus preventing the loss of muscle mass. It is a source of perfectly absorbable iron – ensuring proper blood management, phosphorus – keeping bones and teeth healthy, zinc – affecting the condition of the skin and selenium – protecting against oxidative stress, as well as vitamins from group B, A and E.

Goose – the most caloric of all poultry meat, characterized by a high content of unsaturated fatty acids rarely found in bird meat – for the health of the system cardiovascular and efficient functioning of the nervous system. Rich in vitamins A, E and B. Geese do not tolerate being in confinement – so they are not suitable for industrial breeding. They usually live in semi-open enclosures. In addition, these are picky birds – they are fed with green food and oats. Such a diet affects the taste, nutritional and health-promoting qualities of their meat. Goose meat is recommended especially when the body is weakened, or in the diet of physically active dogs.


Feed with beef and goose hearts are:


    • 80% meat and animal products,
    • meat species with exceptional characteristics,
    • high-quality protein with a digestibility of 90-95%,
    • recipe based on unprocessed raw materials,
    • the finished product processed to the minimum extent necessary to ensure its microbiological safety and stability,
    • minerals and vitamins in the best absorbable form,
    • valuable natural dietary and functional additives:
    • brewer’s yeast containing prebiotics: mannan-oligosaccharides and β-glucans – supporting immunity,
    • seaweed – providing easily digestible minerals and vitamins,
    • New Zealand mussels, glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate – caring for joints and skin,
    • linseed, psyllium (psyllium), yucca Mojve – promoting the proper functioning of the digestive tract and regulating lipid-carbohydrate metabolism,
    • without artificial flavors, dyes and flavor enhancers,
    • no preservatives,
  • without the addition of cereals.