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Dolina Noteci Dog Superfood – Deer & Duck 300G

560 kr.

complete food for adult dogs of all breeds 300 g

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Wet dog food, containing up to 80% of meat and animal products (deer 40%, duck 40%). It also contains fresh fruit and natural additives with an extremely high content of biologically active ingredients – positively affecting the dog’s body, such as New Zealand mussels or seaweed. The cereal-free food with dietoprophylactic properties was developed in cooperation with experts in the field of animal nutrition. It is distinguished by a recipe in which meat species with special properties were used: Deer – the advantages of deer meat result from a healthy lifestyle that this animal leads:

from maintaining a natural diet based on fresh leaves, grasses and herbs, as well as intense, daily physical activity. Thanks to this, it contains little fat and a lot of protein. In addition, antibiotics or hormones are not present in it. For these reasons, deer meat is therefore recommended for allergy sufferers. Venison is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids – compared to beef, it contains up to 5 times more n-3 acids, which, m.in, take care of immunity and help prevent cancer. Vitamins B3 (niacin) and B12 contained in deer meat m.in support the nervous system. Zinc keeps the skin and coat in good condition, also contributing to the proper functioning of the immune system.

Duck – a nutritious and protein-rich noble species of poultry. Ducks are not suitable for typical industrial breeding. They come exclusively from small farms where they can freely go outside and are fed cereal grains. Duck meat, although it is high in calories, contains a lot of healthy fats and is distinguished by a favorable profile of essential fatty acids for health. In addition, it provides a high dose of iron preventing anemia, being an antioxidant and preventing cancer changes of selenium and ensuring the proper functioning of the skin zinc, as well as B vitamins affecting the whole body.


Food with deer and duck is:


    • 80% meat and animal products,
    • meat species with exceptional characteristics,
    • high-quality protein with a digestibility of 90-95%,
    • recipe based on unprocessed raw materials,
    • the finished product processed to the minimum extent necessary to ensure its microbiological safety and stability,
    • minerals and vitamins in the best absorbable form,
    • valuable natural dietary and functional additives:
    • brewer’s yeast containing prebiotics: mannan-oligosaccharides and β-glucans – supporting immunity,
    • seaweed – providing easily digestible minerals and vitamins,
    • New Zealand mussels, glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate – caring for joints and skin,
    • linseed, psyllium (psyllium), yucca Mojve – promoting the proper functioning of the digestive tract and regulating lipid-carbohydrate metabolism,
    • without artificial flavors, dyes and flavor enhancers,
    • no preservatives,
  • without the addition of cereals.