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Rafi Dog – Game & Carrot-Chunks In Gravy 1240G

795 kr.

The Rafi Classic line is a complete food for adult dogs of all breeds. Properly composed composition meets the specific nutritional requirements of adult dogs. These products contain an optimal amount of fat and fatty acids (m.in. n-3, n-6) naturally occurring in meat and animal products. The correct ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the food contributes to maintaining normal homeostasis of these elements in the dog’s body and maintaining bone mineralization at a constant level. The addition of raw materials of plant origin provides easily digestible energy components in the quantities necessary for the proper course of metabolic processes. These raw materials, together with a properly selected, non-digestible amount of dietary fiber, ensure proper stimulation of digestive processes and regulation of bowel movements. The constant composition of RAFI Classic feeds guarantees a constant content of nutrients, and compliance with the amount of food proposed by the manufacturer guarantees the proper nutritional status of the dog.

Rafi Classic wet dog food is a fully balanced, tasty food, providing the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

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Complete Rafi Classic wet dog food for all breeds that covers all nutrients needs, contains:


  • high quality raw materials,
  • wholesome protein with a high degree of digestibility (at the level of 90-95%),
  • A complete set of vitamins and minerals.

This karma is deprived of:

  • Preservatives
  • artificial colours,
  • substances that improve taste and stimulate appetite,
  • synthetic flavors,
  • soybeans,
  • Wheat.

This karma is distinguished by:

  • simple recipe,
  • high content of meat and animal products.

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