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Rafi Dog – Poultry 1000 G

575 kr.

Easily digestible food, rich in protein and good quality fats of animal origin with a high content of unsaturated acids from the n-6 family, which affect the condition of the skin and improve the appearance of the coat. The addition of poultry provides phenylalanine, lysine and leucine and is a source of zinc and selenium. These minerals play a vital role in strengthening the body’s immunity. They also stimulate the antioxidant properties of body fluids and play an important role in regulating skin function.

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meat and animal products 70% (including 10% poultry), cereals, mineral substances.

Analytical constituents

protein – 16%, crude oils and fats – 10%, crude ash – 2.5%, crude fiber – 1%, moisture – 60%.

Additives: nutritional additives/kg:

Vitamin D3 – 450 IU, Vitamin E – 40 mg, Zinc (zinc oxide) – 30 mg, Manganese (manganese oxide) – 2 mg, Copper (copper sulfate, pentahydrate) – 3 mg, Iodine (coated, granulated calcium iodate, anhydrous) – 0.3 mg.

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