Artero Static Control 150Ml

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About the Product:

After the bath, this spray is perfect to avoid static in the coat. Using a light mist over the coat, then brush in the natural direction of the hair.

Ideal on Yorkies, Cockers, Maltese, etc.

To create generously spray over coat and then back-comb (against natural direction of hair), like with Poodles, Bichons, and other curly coated breeds.

A perfect spray to use while scissoring or even clippering a coat, spray the fine mist over the area you are working on, comb, and scissor. Helps tremendously with getting the perfect finish!

Dry micro-particles are diffused through the hair which do not moisten the coat, but instead separate thhairs from sticking to one another, so when you comb and scissor you can be certain you are setting the perfect shape that will last between grooms!

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