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Cat Grass 150g

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GimCat Cat-Grass with Scent of Meadows 150g      

Let your beloved kitty have a lovely time munching on sweet and juicy fresh cat grass.

GimCat’s fresh cat grass series satisfies your cats’ natural cravings for grass the healthy way. Unlike the grass you can find outdoors which are full of pesticides, GimCat’s grass products are specially cultivated so that kitties can snack on grass safely.One meow-velous way to catify your home would be to grow some cat grass. With these green daily delights to chew on, your furbaby will be more stimulated because it can easily savour cat grass’s lovely taste and texture. To bring your environmental enrichment game up a notch, choose GimCat Cat-Grass With Scent Of Meadows which has a stronger aroma than some other types of cat grass.

Gives forth a fresh meadow fragrance that both owners and cats find attractive, breathing new life into your home.

  • Stimulates your cats’ sense of smell, reducing boredom.
  • Comes in a pre-packaged plastic tray that has the soil and seed intact.
  • Fast-growing/convenient: can be grown to a height of 4-5cm after approximately 5-8 days. Grass will become lush, bushy and ready to eat within about a week.
  • Beginner-friendly: can be grown successfully even by people without prior gardening experience.
  • Naturally rich in nutrients: contains folic acid, vitamins A, B and D.
  • Anti-hairball: helps cats to excrete hairballs with ease, providing relief for hair-ball related discomfort.

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