Hydro-Gras 150Gr

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Cats Love to Munch on Fresh Grass to Help Pass Indigestible Hairballs and Thus Support Their Digests. House Cats in Particular Also Like to Use House Plants For This Purpose, Which Can, However, Endanger Their Health.
This is Why Gimcat Offers in Range of Cat Grasses That Perfectly Meet These Needs.

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Cats love to munch on fresh grass to help pass indigestible hairballs and thus support their digestion. House cats in particular also like to use house plants for this purpose, which can, however, endanger their health.

why GimCat offers a range of cat grasses that perfectly meet these needs.

distribute one cup of water (approximately 150 ml) over the grass. You can then give the treat to your cat. Tips and advice: Cats require fresh greenery as a nutritional supplement. They often try to obtain this from houHowever, ethereal oils or pesticides used on plants can be highly toxic for your cat. Avoid this by treating your cat with GimCat Hydro- Grass. GimCat Hydro-Grass contains the grass that your cat needs to regurgitate swaswallowed hair. During cold times of the year, please note that it is important to use a newspaper underlay or something similar, as windowsills can get very cold. Metal windows also radiate cold, which does not support