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Malt Soft Extra 50 G

1.295 kr.

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The GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Professional Paste contains an innovative formula that helps to prevent hairballs forming. The combination of malt, linseed oil, cellulose and beta-glucan helps the natural excretion of swallowed

This reduces the build-up of hairballs in the stomach and the need to vomit. Beta-glucan helps to avoid irritations in the gastrointestinal tract. Complementary feed for cats. Store in a cool place after opening.

Feeding Instruction

Give 6 cm a day (1 cm = approx. 0.5 g), ideally by hand, straight from the tube. Can also be added to food. Quantity can also be doubled if required. Feed at room temperature.


Derivatives of vegetable origin (malt extracts 43.7%, cellulose 4%), oils and fats (linseed oil 4 %), yeasts (contains 1% beta-glucan)



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