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Dolina Noteci Cat Premium – Cod&Sardine 85G Junior

295 kr.

  • Complete food for kittens of all breeds from the age of three months – cod dish with sardine

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Cod dish with sardine is a product intended for feeding kittens from the age of three months. Properly balanced wet food for kittens ensures proper mineralization of bones and teeth. Many types of meat in the composition (cod, beef, sardine, pork) ensure that the food provides all the essential amino acids.

Salmon fat is a source of fatty acids: EPA and DHA, which determine the optimal development of the nervous system of young organisms. The addition of whey proteins rich in leucine and valine stimulates all metabolic processes, guaranteeing the proper growth and development of young organisms. Thanks to the modern production method and the precise selection of raw materials, junior cat food is an easily digestible product, characterized by high digestibility and ideally suited to the nutritional requirements of kittens.

Grain-free food contains:

• a large amount of meat and animal products,
• protein of very high digestibility and biological quality,
• yeast containing prebiotic ingredients – beta-glucans responsible for proper development and stimulating
digestive processes in the digestive tract and affecting the defense functions of the young organism,
• taurine (addition of 800mg/kg of food) – an essential amino acid enabling the digestion of fat (participating in the production of bile), guaranteeing, among others, proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, nervous system and skeletal muscles and also showing antioxidant properties.

  • Dolina Noteci Cat Premium - Cod&Amp;Sardine 85G JuniorWithout cereals
  • Dolina Noteci Cat Premium - Cod&Amp;Sardine 85G JuniorContains taurine
  • Dolina Noteci Cat Premium - Cod&Amp;Sardine 85G JuniorAids digestion
  • Dolina Noteci Cat Premium - Cod&Amp;Sardine 85G JuniorNo synthetic flavors, flavor enhancers or dyes

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