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Dolina Noteci Cat Premium – Tuna 85G

295 kr.

Wet food for adult cats of all breeds

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Tuna dish is a complete grain-free food designed for adult cats. The tuna meat contained in it is a source of protein and n-3 acids as well as arachidonic acid, necessary in the cats’ diet, affecting, m.in the appearance of the coat. The eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) present in fish determine the proper functioning of the nervous system and also help control inflammation, the prolonged presence of which in the body can lead to serious diseases.

The tuna dish contains:

• a large number of fish and fish products and animal products, • tuna meat – a source of protein and N-3 acids and arachidonic acid necessary in the cat’s diet, affecting, m.in. the appearance of the coat, • protein with very high digestibility and biological quality – the feed maintains the correct profile of exogenous amino acids due to the presence of various types of meat in the composition (beef, chicken,

• taurine (addition of 800mg / kg of food) – an essential amino acid enabling the digestion of fat (involved in the production of bile), guaranteeing, m.in. proper functioning of the cardiovascular, nervous and skeletal muscles, and also showing antioxidant properties, • calcium and phosphorus in the right ratio,
guaranteeing proper cooperation of skeletal and muscular systems.

The product does not contain:

• cereals, • gluten, • milk, • preservatives, • artificial colors, • synthetic flavors,

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