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Dolina Noteci Cat Superfood – Duck&Beef 85G

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complete food for adult cats of all breeds 85 g

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Noteć Valley SUPERFOOD for cats – duck and beef

The exceptionally precisely selected recipe of this wet cat food from the Noteci Superfood line is based on meat and animal products from duck, beef and chicken. It takes into account the specific nutritional requirements of cats, which are carnivores, which is why the high proportion of these raw materials, which constitute as much as 80% of the entire composition, deserves attention. Thanks to this, the food is a source of the most important nutrients for the cat, i.e. high-quality protein and n-3 and n-6 fatty acids that reduce the risk of local inflammation. Both duck meat and beef are a source of iron that ensures proper blood management and protects selenium from oxidative stress. They also provide valuable for the functioning of the whole body vitamins from group B. In addition, the composition of the feed has been supplemented with additives that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive tract and increase the taste and aroma – New Zealand green-lipped mussel, peppermint, linseed, spirulina and fenugreek seeds. Do not wait – serve your cat the best, i.e. high-quality food from the Noteć Valley.

Wet food Dolina Noteci Superfood for cats – duck and beef contains:

  • 80% meat and animal products,
  • wholesome protein and valuable fatty acids, i.e. the most important nutrients for cats,
  • selected meat species characterized by many taste qualities and valuable properties,

Unique functional accessories:

  • New Zealand green-wax mussel – as a source of glycosaminoglycans protects and regenerates cartilage tissue of joints,
  • linseed – regulates digestive processes and positively affects the condition of the skin and coat,
  • spirulina – is rich in protein, supports the multiplication of beneficial intestinal microflora, which strengthens immunity,
  • peppermint – helps in digestive ailments, e.g. constipation and indigestion,
  • fenugreek seeds – stimulate the digestive functions of the digestive tract and increase the sensory attractiveness of the food,
  • high content of vitamins and minerals in an absorbable form.

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