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Dolina Noteci Cat Superfood – Roe Deer&Beef 85G

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  • complete food for adult cats of all breeds 85 g

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Dolina Noteci Superfood wet cat food combines selected species of meat and seafood – veal, chicken, lobster and shrimps, as well as unique functional additives. New Zealand green-lipped mussel, spirulina, peppermint, linseed and fenugreek seeds are characterized by valuable properties that affect a number of functions occurring in the body of an adult cat. Such a recipe also provides essential nutrients, such as wholesome protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids n-3 and n-6, with particular emphasis on arachidonic acid, EPA and DHA. Their quality and appropriate proportions are of great importance due to the specific nutritional requirements of cats, which are carnivores. 80% of the total composition is meat and animal products and crustaceans. Wet food Dolina Noteci Superfoood is a delicious and healthy meal for your cat!

Wet food Dolina Noteci Superfood for cats – veal with lobster and shrimps contains:

  • 80% meat and animal products and crustaceans,
  • wholesome protein and valuable fatty acids, i.e. the most important nutrients for cats,
  • selected species of meat and seafood characterized by many values and valuable properties,
  • Unique functional additives:
    • New Zealand green-wax mussel – as a source of glycosaminoglycans, protects and regenerates cartilage tissue of joints,
    • linseed – regulates digestive processes and positively affects the condition of the skin and coat,
    • spirulina – is rich in protein, supports the multiplication of beneficial intestinal microflora, which strengthens immunity,
    • peppermint – helps in digestive ailments, e.g. constipation and indigestion,
    • fenugreek seeds – stimulate the digestive functions of the digestive tract and increase the sensory attractiveness of the food,
  • high content of vitamins and minerals in an absorbable form.