Piper Cat – Tuna Sterilised 100 G

295 kr.

Complete food for adult sterilized cats of all breeds with tuna 100 g

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The food has precisely selected raw materials, thanks to which the content of nutrients present in it covers the specific nutritional requirements of cats that have been sterilized. PIPER animals STERILISED by stimulating and controlling the course of all metabolic processes ensures the maintenance of a constant body weight without the formation of both deficiencies and excess nutrients. It is a source of protein with very high digestibility and biological quality rich in all exogenous amino acids. The addition of L-carnitine increases the efficiency of fatty acid metabolism, thanks to which the feed increases the metabolic rate, reducing the risk of overweight and obesity. In addition, this process is strengthened by enriching feeds with iodine – a component of thyroid hormones responsible for maintaining the metabolic balance of the whole body. Thanks to the appropriate production method and precise selection of raw materials, the food is easily digestible, characterized by high digestibility rates of all nutrients and is ideally suited to the feeding requirements of sterilized adult cats of all breeds.