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Rafi Cat – Duck Pate 100G

355 kr.

Complete food for adult cats of all breeds with duck

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A cat’s diet should be based on meat to meet its need for essential nutrients. Grain-free cat food Rafi Cat, which is based on duck meat and animal products, is a tasty meal, rich in easily digestible protein, as well as essential amino acids. The content of taurine nourishes and positively affects all vital functions of the cat’s body. The addition of salmon and linseed oils will make your pet’s coat soft and shiny.

The food is free from the addition:




• artificial flavors,

• flavor enhancers.

Rafi duck feed provides:

• vitamins and minerals in optimal doses,

• taurine – an amino acid essential for the health of cats,

• fatty acids,

• daily dose of energy,

• exceptional taste sensations.

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