Rafi Cat – Tuna Pate Sterilized 100G

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Complete food for adult sterilized cats with tuna

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A delicious, meat meal that will provide your cat with the necessary ingredients and vitamins? All these features have Rafi Cat Sterilised with tuna. It is a complete food that will meet the needs of your pet. Thanks to the high content of meat and animal products, including tuna, the feed provides high-quality, easily digestible protein, as well as amino acids – leucine, lysine and selenium. The meal was produced for cats after sterilization, and thanks to the reduced fat content, it does not increase the pet’s predisposition to gain weight after the procedure. In addition, the biologically active compounds contained in this grain-free meal have a positive effect on the skin and coat of the cat, complementing the beneficial effects of nutrients and vitamins.

The food is free from the addition:




• artificial flavors,

• flavor enhancers.

Rafi tuna feed provides:

• vitamins and minerals in optimal doses,

• taurine – an amino acid essential for the health of cats,

• fatty acids,

• daily dose of energy,

• exceptional taste sensations.

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