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Rafi Cat – Veal Pate 100G

355 kr.

Complete wet food Rafi Cat with veal

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Complete Rafi Cat wet food with veal is a meal that supports the maintenance of optimal body weight and well-being of your pet. Constituting as much as 65% of the composition, veal meat and animal products are a natural source of micro and macro elements as well as vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids, i.e. lysine, methionine, phenylalanine and taurine necessary in cat nutrition. The Rafi Cat meal, based on the natural nutritional needs of cats, fully covers the need for ingredients necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, a properly composed recipe makes the cat eat easily digestible and at the same time high-quality protein, which is the main source of energy. The product has been prepared by specialists in animal nutrition and does not contain added cereals, preservatives or dyes. This makes it extremely appetizing for your cat.

The food is free from the addition:




• artificial flavors,

• flavor enhancers.

Rafi feed with veal provides:

• vitamins and minerals in optimal doses,

• taurine – an amino acid essential for the health of cats,

• fatty acids,

• daily dose of energy and nutrients,

• exceptional taste sensations.

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