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SWING Microchip – Kattalúga Brún

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  • Innovative reading system of the implanted microchip which allow the door to be opened
  • Attention: the microchip is checked only at the entry, not at the exit
  • Can record up to 32 standard ISO 11784 microchips, unique all over the world
  • Universal fitting on wooden, glass doors or walls
  • Complete with last direction indicator and 4-way locking system
  • Innovative wind stopper system protecting against draughts
  • Battery operated
  • Useful low charge battery indicator included
  • Complete with cat collar and microchip
  • Easy maintenance with a soft and dry cloth

Framboð Á lager

The new cat flap Swing Microchip has a special antenna, that detects and reads the microchip implanted in your cat, allowing the door to be opened when your pet gets closer. Thanks to its sophisticated device, it prevents the entrance of unknown cats.
It can record up to 32 standard microchips ISO 11784 and has been especially created and tested to be used all over the world. Recording the microchip code is simple and fast: just approach your cat and press the suitable memory button to save the code.

Swing Microchip can be installed on wooden, glass doors or walls. Warning! In order to install the flap on a glass door, you must consult a glass merchant. It is impossible to drill holes in toughened safety glass or double-glazing unless they have already been drilled when the panes are manufactured. Also the electronic system does not work near metallic objects, then, if you want to install the flap on a metal door, you must isolate it using a non-metal material, like wood or similar, which must have a minimum thickness of 50 mm around the entire perimeter.

This new model shares with Swing pet flaps the wind-stopper system and the special 4-way opening system: you can decide to let your cat the freedom to entry and exit, entry only, exit only, or completely lock the door. Furthermore, if you want the flap working in the traditional way, you’ll just have to disable the microchip opening system.

This flap for cats also presents a useful last passage indicator: this is a small plastic flag which will help you to understand whether your pet is, indoors or outdoor.

Swing Microchip is battery operated and has a low charge indicator. Don’t worry if the battery are completely down and you must replace them: the recorded microchips will be kept and you don’t have to repeat the registration.

In case your cat does not have an implanted microchip, you can use the collar with microchip included in the box for free.

As regards the maintenance, finally, it is sufficient an ordinary cleaning of Swing Microchip flap and of the infrared detectors placed inside the tunnel, at the left and right side, by using a soft and dry cloth.

Ummál22,50 × 16,20 × 25,20 cm

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