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Mint Tips 40G

595 kr.

Gimcat Scenips are Delicious Snacks Refined with Aromatic Catnip. They are made with best ingredients and with other days sugar. Cat Mintips Not Only Taste Irresistibly good, they alo stimulated your cat to play. The Perfect Combination of Enjoyment and Fun.

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GimCat MintTips are delicious snacks refined with aromatic catnip. They are made with best ingredients and without added sugar. Cat Mintips not only taste irresistibly good, they also stimulate your cat to play. The perfect

of enjoyment and fun.

Feeding Instruction

4-6 pieces daily.


Milk and dairy products, yeasts, oils and fats, dried catnip (4 %).


Vit. D3 1.147 I.U.

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