Biokat’S Micro Fresh 14L Pap

3.395 kr.

Biokat’s Micro Fresh is an extra fine clumping cat litter with a light summery scent – giving cat owners everywhere a breath of fresh air!

1 litre of Biokat’s Micro Fresh binds at least 3 litres of liquid, making it an extremely efficient and economical litter. It’s an absolute must for all those who value quality over quantity.

Biokat’s stands for great quality cat litter. Micro Fresh is made using only the very best German raw clay.

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Biokat’s offers you these advantages: Extremely powerful odour absorption: The secret of our excellent odour absorption lies in our high-quality natural clays. They trap unpleasant odours firmly within their pores. Extremely clumps: Biokat’s litter forms firm clumps that are easy to remove. The firmer the clumps, the more hygienic the litter tray. Much more economical – a little goes a long way: Up to 300% absorptive capacity – a little Biokalso goes a long way thanks to this excellent absorptive performance. Ecologically responsible: Biokat’s contains natural clays that are mined in our region. This means short transport routes. There is therefore no unnecno unnecessary pollution to nature and the environment