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SKU WM654860 Flokkar , ,

Puur Canary 750Gr

895 kr.

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General Information

  • Protein-rich composition and linseed for shiny feathers and easy moulting The added prebiotics contribute to healthy digestionCrushed oyster shells promote healthy digestion and are an excellent source of calcium.The balanced
  • added vitamins and trace elements will increase your pet`s vitalityWithout artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings
  • Description

    chia / banana / linseed / millet spray / egg pure & varied gourmet seed mix // special ingredients tailored to your canary / free from artificial fragrances, colourings and flavourings / all nutrients for a healthy & happy

    // the pure pleasure of nature’s flavours


    Seeds (3% millet spray, 2% linseed, 2% chia seed), grains, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals, fruits (1% banana), oils and fats, vegetables, egg and egg products (0.2%)


    Crude protein 15,8 %Crude fat 15,3 %Crude fibre 7,3 %Crude ash 4,4 %Calcium 0,62 g/kgPhosphorus 0,44 g/kgSodium 0,09 g/kg


    Vitamin A 1000 IUVitamin D3 100 IUVitamin E 5 mgVitamin C 3 mgE1 Iron 0,8 mgE4 Copper 0,1 mgE8 Selenium Antioxidants

    Directions For Use

    A canary needs about 5-15 grams of food per day, depending on life stage and health status. Make sure the animals eat all ingredients. Always give unlimited access to fresh water. Store in a cool and dark place.

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