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Puur Rabbit 5,5Kg

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General Information

  • Tasty & varied ingredients for an excellent appetiteThe balanced, high-fibre composition, added vitamins and trace elements will increase your pet`s vitalityThe crude unground fibre and prebiotics promote dental health and
  • digestionPUUR contains everything that your pet needs for a good lifeWithout artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings
  • 15,8 %Crude fat 15,3 %Crude fibre 7,3 %Crude ash 4,4 %Calcium ,62
    g/kgPhosphorus ,44 g/kgSodium ,09 g/kgAdditivesVitamin A 1000 IUVitamin D3 100 IUVitamin E 5 mgVitamin C 3 mgE1 Iron ,8 mgE4 Copper ,1 mgE8 SeleniumAntioxmgE8 SeleniumAntioxidants


    carrot / timothy / celery / oregano / cucumber pure & varied gourmet muesli // special ingredients tailored specifically for your (dwarf) rabbit / no artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings / all the nutrients

    a healthy and happy life // the pure pleasure of nature’s flavours


    Derivatives of vegetable origin (4% timothy hay and 1% oregano) / vegetables (5% carrot, 3% cucumber and 2% celery) / cereals / oils and fats / minerals


    Crude protein 13 %Crude fat 2,8 %Crude fibre 20 %Crude ash 5,5 %Calcium 0,46 g/kgPhosphorus 0,3 g/kgSodium 0,01 g/kg


    Vitamin A 6050 IUVitamin D3 600 IUVitamin E 20 mgE1 Iron 35 mgE4 Copper 5 mgE5 Manganese 15 mgE6 Zinc 35 mgE8 Selenium 0,1 mgAntioxidants

    Directions For Use

    A rabbit needs about 25 grams of food per kilogram bodyweight per day, depending on life stage and health status. Make sure the animals eat all ingredients. Always give unlimited access to hay and fresh water. Store in a

    and dark place.

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