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    Manufacturer: Witte Molen
    Snack for: agapornids, large parakeets, parrots & fruit-eating birds.
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    almonds / mango / walnuts / pineapple / Brazil nuts pure and varied gourmet snack // special ingredients for a really tasty treat / no chance of boredom // pure enjoyment of a delicious snack

    Seeds, fruits (2% mango, 2% pineapple), grains, nuts (2% Brazil nuts, 1% almonds, 1% walnuts), vegetables, derivatives of vegetable origin
    • Crude protein 11,4 %
    • Crude fat 17,8 %
    • Crude fibre 15,4 %
    • Crude ash 2,6 %
    • Calcium ,07 g/kg
    • Phosphorus ,1 g/kg
    • Sodium ,1 g/kg
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