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    Manufacturer: Witte Molen
    Snack for: rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, rats & mice.
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    2,854 kr
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    Cereals (3% popcorn maize), vegetables (2% dill, cucumber slices 2%, 0.5% paprika), derivatives of vegetable origin (3% marigolds)
    • Crude protein 12,4 %
    • Crude fat 2,4 %
    • Crude fibre 7,9 %
    • Crude ash 3,8 %
    • Calcium ,1 g/kg
    • Phosphorus ,2 g/kg
    • Sodium ,06 g/kg

    almonds / mango / walnuts / pineapple / Brazil nuts pure and varied gourmet snack // special ingredients for a really tasty treat / no chance of boredom // pure enjoyment of a delicious snack

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    Little One Feed for degus, 400 g

    Little One food for degus contains the entire complex of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals necessary for high quality feeding and health of your pet.
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    Picture of PUUR CHINCHILLA & DEGU 2kg


    Food for chinchillas & degoes.
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    Little One "Green valley". Fibrefood degu 750g

    Little One "Green valley". Fibrefood for degus a decorative pet food, which includes a variety of sixty meadow grasses and herbs. Made with the use of a special cold pressing technology, the food has preserved all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients contained in plants. Little One “Green Valley” food is rich in long-tissue fibers, which will take care of the teeth and digestive tract of degus. The diet is enriched with fructooligosaccharides – natural prebiotics, which support growth beneficial microflore in the gut. Fatty acids ω-3 and ω-6 contained in food provide healthy skin and make the pets fur thick and shiny. Yeast extract, rich in B vitamins, selenium and β-glucans supports the immune system. In order to diversify the diet of degus, the food contains tasty and healthy ingredients – dried flowers, fruits, vegetables and berries. Contains no grain which makes this food perfect for pets with special dietary needs, including those suffering from excessive weight and other conditions. Contains no colorants, flavorings, GMO.
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    Picture of Little One Stick from meadow grass with topping 85g

    Little One Stick from meadow grass with topping 85g

    Little One Stick is a treat-toy, which was developed specially for rodents and rabbits. It’s made of fragrant meadow grasses and covered with one of the three delicious toppings: marigold flowers, carrot or mallow flowers. Due to its shape the stick will attract your pet and help to wear down its constantly growing teeth while the stick's ingredients will help to enrich the diet with vitamins, minerals and fiber required for proper digestion of rodents and rabbits. Marigold flowers are rich in carotenoids and vitamin C, which tone up and positively affect pet's immunity. Carrot contains high levels of carotene, potassium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin C and folic acid. A regular supplementation of the pet’s diet with carrot will lead to an increased vitality, strengthening of the immune system and stimulation of the body's regeneration abilities. Mallow flowers are a valuable source of vitamin C and carotene. In addition to this, mallow flowers contain natural pigments, which are reputed to show antioxidant abilities.
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