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    Picture of Bristol Hamster Cage 59x38x37cm

    Bristol Hamster Cage 59x38x37cm

    16,995 kr
    Picture of Nero 4 De Luxe dwarf rabbit/guinea pig cage

    Nero 4 De Luxe dwarf rabbit/guinea pig cage

    Your dwarf rabbit will feel fancy free inside the Nero 4 De Luxe. The sense of space in this cage continues on to the large platform, with stylish steps. The feeding bowl, the hay rack and the drinking bottle are all included. The doors in the front and on top give easy access to the cage for feeding or holding your pet. The Nero 4 De Luxe is easily put together. The cage is easy to move thanks to the 2 handles. 118cmX64cmX7cm.
    23,995 kr
    Picture of Cage teddy 2 gigant Black/Yellow

    Cage teddy 2 gigant Black/Yellow

    This Teddy 2 cage from Duvo+ is a large quality coloured cage which includes a shelter, 2 walkways, 2 feeders and 3 toboggans. The ideal home for your hamsters (dwarf) or mice. Thanks to the fun accessories and the 3 levels, your hamster (dwarf) will never be bored. The upper section is removable for easy cleaning of the cage. 3 openings allow you to provide your pet with food and drink. ATT The wheels are only suitable for dwarf hamsters due to their size. 58cmX38cmX55cm.
    19,895 kr
    Picture of Hamster Sky Metro

    Hamster Sky Metro

    A colourful playground paradise for your hamsters. The Sky Metro hamster cage comes with an extensive tunnel system for your hamster to scramble through. Moreover, the cage comes with a colourful raised platform, a house, ladder, feeding bowl and a running wheel. You can suspend the Sputnik hamster house from the ceiling of the cage. Doing so stimulates your hamster’s urge to climb, whilst giving him a wonderful place to relax and sleep. The drinking bottle easily latches onto the cage’s wire mesh. To feed or pet your hamster, the large door gives you easy access to your hamster. The handles on either side make moving the cage an easy task. 80cmX50cmX50cm.
    25,995 kr
    Picture of Indoor run for small animals 34x23cm

    Indoor run for small animals 34x23cm

    Indoor Run for e.g.: mice, hamsters Measurements: ø 86 × 23 cm
    4,995 kr
    Picture of Indoor Run 6 elements of 48 × 25 cm

    Indoor Run 6 elements of 48 × 25 cm

    Indoor Run 6 elements of 48 × 25 cm expandable with additonal runs metal, galvanized
    4,995 kr
    Picture of Outdoor run 6 elements of 63x60cm
    Picture of bird/small animal 22x14x15cm
    Picture of bird/small animal 30x18x20cm