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    sera biofibres coarse 40g

    Framleiðandi: Sera
    Netið stuðlar að réttri bakteríuflóru og veiðir grófustu óhreinindin.
    Vörunúmer: SE8452
    Staða: Til á lager
    945 kr
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    sera biofibres for the biomechanical prefiltration effectively collect coarse dirt particles. Thus, you can protect the following filter media from coarse pollution and increase the biological efficacy of the filter. Suitable for fresh water, marine water and pond water filtration.

    sera biofibres also serve as an excellent spawning medium and as hiding place for fry. Furthermore, they are ideally suitable for transporting shrimps – they provide a foothold for the animals in transport bags and thus ensure they encounter less stress.